Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity MCQ's 5

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Here is another set of MCQ's from Periodic Calssification of Element and Periodicity chapter 1 Chemistry Book 2
31.        Melting points of VII-A group ___________         down the group

a.    Increase                 b     Decrease
c.    Remain constant     d.    No regular trend

32.        Oxidation state of an atom represents______
a. No. of electrons gained
b. No. of electrons lost
c. No. of electrons gained or lost
d.   None of above correctly represent it

33.        Mendeleev’s periodic table was based on

a) Atomic number    b) Atomic mass
c) Atomic volume     d) Electronic configuration

34.        Elements present in a same group have the same

a) Atomic number         
b) Molecular weight
c) Chemical properties  
d) Electronic configuration

35.        “s” and “p” block elements are also called

a)     Transition elements 
b)    Inert elements
c)     Typical elements
d)    Rare earth elements

36.        What is the symbol of the element with only three electrons and three protons?

a) Li                              b) C
c) Ag                            d) Cu

37.        Elements with seven electrons in their valence shell are known as

a) Inert                          b) Lanthanides
c) Halogens                  d) Alkali metals
38.        Which of the following pairs of elements are chemically most similar?

a) Na and Al                  b) Cu and Cu
c) S and F                     d) Sc and Zn

39.        A student of chemistry will identify positively the following symbols as sodium
            a)                           b)
            c)                            d)

40.        In the periodic table each period begins with a metal, which is

a)     Most electronegative
b)    Most electropositive
c)     Less electropositive
d)    Less electronegative

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